Kebulen-Tape B 50-B white
DIN EN 12068 & DIN 30672

is a multi-ply corrosion protection tape without a separate release layer according to DIN EN 12068 and DIN 30672.
It consists of a white polyethylene tape, with butyl rubber on one side.

Kebulen-Tape B50-B white is a cold applied corrosion protection tape. It is used for outerwrap in combination with a suitable innerwrap corrosion protection tape for the coating of steel pipelines and fittings and for the field coating of welded joints at steel pipelines with a factory coating of PE, PP, EP or bitumen.

Kebulen-Tape B50-B white is suitable for a max. operating temperature of 50°C.

The accessible load class due to the named standards depends on the corrosion protection tape used as innerwrap.

roll lengt            tape widths
  30 m                   100 mm
  30 m                   150 mm 

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Kebutyl-System B 50-B white