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Gas steel line pipe, gas station, pipeline, gas storage container, gas steel pipe container
Constructions made from steel which are factory manufactured against corrosion but are subsequently protected against corrosion during the construction phase. Corrosion protection systems are used in accordance with DIN 30672 and DIN EN 10300 as thick coatings, as are GRP systems.

Glass mat
is a lining material with a low maximum tensile load and low strain (see also roof sheeting).

Green roof covering
A particular type of roof area use with plantations, which is according to the plantations either extensive (undemanding, easy to maintain plant cover) or intensive (demanding plant cover). 

Grease tape, grease binder, grease tapes
Colloquial terms for petrolatum/Vaseline strips in "construction language use". Thick coating.

Abbreviation for: glass-fibre reinforced plastic

GW 15
Concerns a coating training course with a final test in theory and practice with standard coating materials through the Rohrbauverband (Pipework Association). The GW 15 coating certificate may only be issued by the Rohrverband.